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01-27-2012, 07:21 AM
I think the ablative generator should be more of a shield. In endgame the borg quickly adapted and had sections of the armor down the 50% or lower. This is when Voyager fired the first volley of transphasic torpedoes. Seeing that it covers the whole ship and is divided into sections port, starboard. forward, and aft pieces of the armor can be taken off. Once a section of the armor's integrity is down to 0% the generator should kick off and re engage the shields and energy weapons. In Endgame near the end whilst Voyager was being chased by a borg sphere they were starting to get beat up pretty badly.

So this is the way i see. It can be used as a temporary shield type item with an increased resistance to borg weaponry and once its integrity is gone normal systems come back online. Then the generator would need a chance to recharge. However to keep it fair the damage resistance would have to be lowered dramatically currently at +900 maybe bring it down to +600.

Second option seeing how this is a long range sci vessel refit console it could draw off of aux power and once it hits 0 the armor disengages and shields and energy weapons are brought back on line. Therefore forcing the player to push their auxiliary power levels up as is kind of the point of having a sci class vessel. Say for example everytime the armor takes damage it takes one point off the auxiliary power level. However if the player is not in combat a timer kicks in having the armor starting draining auxiliary power until it hits 0.

I have this vessel and I enjoy using it is spec'd properly it can take alot of damage and dish out just as much as an escort with proper debuffs. The time I use the ablative generator is when i'm in a tight situation and use evasive maneuvers to get out of combat so i can heal up.