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I've been on-and-off on the months since F2P was announced but I've started playing regularly again and I'd like to start getting into pvp. It's one of the aspects of the game I never really appreciated or took the time to learn. I haven't given it a go yet, I decided to come here first and look for pointers in escort pvp.

One of the problems I encountered way back when in the few times I have tried pvp was that I had an absurd amount of difficulty staying alive. I don't know if I was just being overly reckless or whatever but people used to slice through my shields like they weren't there. It's one of the tings that put me off. I'm flying a Multi-Vector Advanced Escort, which I love in PvE and I want to stay in it.

Gear-wise I have the Borg deflector/console and the Aegis engines/shields. Forward weapons are 2xDHC, a Dual Beam Bank (all phasers) and a Quantum torp launcher. Aft weapons I have a beam array, another Quantum torp and a phaser turret.

So, is there anything I should know before I jump in a start pvping again? Are there any particular bridge officer powers that might save me, or any parts of the MACO/Omega set I should aim for to help me out? Any advice is appreciated.