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01-27-2012, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by Rattletrap View Post
-Howdy. I'm a C-O lifer, never got into STO due to lack of Klingon play out of the gate. My uncle, however, doesn't mind only playing as Fed and has a free to play account. I have C-points i won't use, but i figure i cannot transfer those. I was curious if there was any way for me to purchase C-points for my uncle's account without having him initially know about it or having to log into his account to do it. Surprise gift, basically.

Thanks, i know not likely but figured would ask.

Existing C-Points cannot be transfered to another Account...

Now if you want to purchase 'New' C-Points to give away, there is a way to do this...

However, your Uncle will still have to enter the number into his account to receive them...