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I was one of those folks who pre-ordered 4 different versions of the game to get all the special rewards and whatnot, played the first couple months of release, then never logged in again. With the game's switch to f2p, I've come back to give it another shot, but I find myself getting steamrolled on a lot of away missions. I know some of the problem is probably rust/operator malfunction, but I still get the feeling that my away team members could probably synergize a bit better.

Away comp:
Me (Rear Adm 4 Sci with physicist kit & dual Mk IX exploit phaser rifles)
Sci (mostly healing abilities with Mk IX expose rifle)
Eng (Borg BOFF with shield generator, mortars and Mk IX expose)
2x Tac (grenades, suppressing fire and Ambush, one with an exploit rifle, the other with expose)

I don't remember ever having much trouble on away missions before I left, but it seems like I'm just getting steamrolled by a lot of the larger packs on the away missions I'm getting since I've come back.

I recently picked up a Superior Creativity betazoid sci officer to be a dedicated healer so hopefully that'll help a little. Is there anything else I'm missing?