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01-27-2012, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by Mongoson View Post

nice, i'll go chech those out! hey thanks for the Info Ainu, if they have something that IS working maybe we can help them out and point them to it.

Kind of like all being completely embarressed on that STOk'd episode where gamers had to show him the double shield issue that his own team could not duplicate. If I woulld of been Al, I would of been nice on camera, but totally steamed at my programmers who could not reproduce the issue. Once he was shown what it was, he knew 2 fixes right off the top of his head.

It simply shows they dont play and dont know their own game. Sure, they design it and know what it is "suppose" to do, but play the @#$! thing and see what it REALLY is doing...

Well Surfman... shall I get champaigne for week 55?
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the look of shock and awe slowly spreading across his face as STOked threw an issue at him that has been reported countless times SINCE BETA, and for which innumerable people were banned or otherwise censored for trying to bring to light.

Goes to show you that not only are they not playing the game on the same level as the players, but they are also not taking tickets seriously (and yes, I am calling shenanigans on his weak explanation that nobody ever gave a detailed method of reproducing the glitch up until STOked called him to the mat on it).

Champagne sounds nice.