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01-27-2012, 01:18 PM
at this time i would still recommend the defiant. for getting back up to speed you may want the cloak and extra maneuverability. everything dan has posted is good advice...and yeah, most of us have put down the maco for now till they fix it.

but if i may chime in on spec'ing right quick...

invest in energy weapons spec, and into both the teir4 energy resist, and teir5 kinetic resists boxes. make sure you max out flow regulators and thrusters as well.

after that its all about being a pilot. all i fly is escorts and can usually make even the awkward builds work. use attack pattern omega mainly as defensive ability and not as part of your alpha.

with your cannon bursts its all about maxing those 10 seconds with minimum distance on target. wait for your targets tac team cooldown to unload those torps and hopefully hit hull. if you fly with a team that is cruiser and sci heavy, drop the torps all together to best assist your team, as they should have more than enough kinetic to handle the job.

have fun kill bad guys