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Originally Posted by Edoll View Post
Hello, new player here and I'm confused on some of the skills. For the science skill Starship Power Insulators, the description says it grants my ship resistance to attacks that drain my subsystems. Does that also lower the drain on weapons system from firing multiple phasers at once? If not, is there anything that lowers the drain?
If you are an engineer, you can use the ability called Nadion Inversion which lowers weapon power drain. Otherwise, some people feel that an EPS Console can help reduce weapon power drain (or at least help it recover faster).

Is Starship Batteries any good to take? It increases the duration of consumable batteries. It also says it improves non-consumable batteries but I haven't seen any of those. Where does one get one of them?
Depends on if you use batteries a lot. There were some non-consumable items that were pre-order items when the game was first released, like the Red Matter Capacitor. Also there is a console that comes with the Oberth class C-store ship - Enhanced Plasma Manifold.

Starship Impulse Thrusters says it works only at impulse. Does this mean any time in 'combat' space or only when you're flying at max speed that gets disabled when you enter combat?
I believe this affects any map in space that is NOT sector space. It increases your top speed during combat as well as at "full impulse" I believe.