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01-27-2012, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
they said they tried to fix it before and if it was time consuming as they said and it failed to fix the problem then its time wasted. if they try to fix it again and the same problem persists then again its more time being wasted. all along there are a dozen other threads complaining about multiple other issues that also need fixing and are all important to someone. im not suggesting bugs should not be fixed, what im trying to explain is why something dont always get fixed.

try putting yourself into a devs shoes for a moment and imagine you have a limited amount of time and resources and one bug is causing your all kinds of problems, to track down, and fix without breaking everything else. do you waste valuable time on this one bug or do you admit defeat, at least for now, and try to fix everything else, or do you throw time and effort into one bug and ignore other stuff no matter how long and how time consuming it is? fixing bugs can even break other stuff. it may need to be timed to coincide with something else that is not due to be done for a couple of months so its best to wait and coordinate them together.

so yes things can become a lost cause under limited time and budget.
Sorry, I no longer except the same excuses over and over. It has been over a year. They have done several major overhauls to every maps environment in this time including the workup to f2p. This is a basic game mechanic to any ship that cloaks. The other problem is bugs that have existed since beta and launch still exist in the game untouched and all but forgotten. One of my favs is defeating the invaders in explore zones that all happen to spawn either on top of the buildings or underneath them. What Cryptic wants is for people to shut up and forget so they do not have to do anything. Sorry in this case not going to happen. I will whip the horse to hide, whip it to leather, continue until it is worn and falls off the body. I'll then find a new horse and start over again. It only becomes a lost cause if you do not hold them responsible and become as apathetic as they are.