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01-27-2012, 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by Dan_Trainor
Having not toyed with the MVAE much myself, take this with a pinch of salt

Firstly I would be inclined to lose wither the DBB or the torpedo launcher up front. Go with one or the other and stick another DHC in the remaining slot. Aft, I would go all turrets. That just leaves you with fewer weapon types on which to focus your tactical powers.
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
at this time i would still recommend the defiant. for getting back up to speed you may want the cloak and extra maneuverability. everything dan has posted is good advice...and yeah, most of us have put down the maco for now till they fix it.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I'm going to try and stick to the Prometheus simply because it's a ship I really like and I've been flying a long time (EDIT: though I might switch to the Advanced Escort if it has better slots). Is there a particular advantage to flying without torpedos? It seems to me like I'd just be stuck for something to do when their shields come down besides swing around for another pass.

EDIT: I also have 4x phaser relays in my tactical console slots. I assume I'm doing the right thing there?