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01-27-2012, 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by Lucky_13_X

I think too many of you who replied to this thread are hardcore MMO players. I haven't been able to level any of my toons NEARLY as fast as some of you claim. I really would hate for Cyrptic/PWE to slow this game's leveling down even more.
You don't need to be a hardcore MMOer just to simply follow the mission chain with a character. Even if we broke it down simply as 50 missions to get 50 levels and each mission took 1 hour each to play you're only looking at 50 /played hours to get to level cap doing that - and most of the missions in the game don't take an hour. In fact most of them don't take more then half-an-hour to run.

Maybe you're playing 6 different alts at once but most gamers don't do it that way. They play 1 character from 0 to 50. If you are leveling multiple alts at the same time you're generally going to be the exception rather then the norm.