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01-27-2012, 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by Iamid
I disagree w/this. From a Sci KDF B'rel side I will wait until i see APO &/or EPTS/EPTE &/or RSP and then use SNB and follow up w/TB & CPB3 or TB & GW3. My captain's shield resistance boost powers w/KHG cap means I don't have to neuter the agressive Tac, but instead strip his/her gtfo skills and trap them. The pita part of Fed Escorts is keeping them in position where their defenses are reduced for an extended time or hitting them w/high alpha in a very short time window when their defenses are down. SNB is very helpful and still is if not moreso very much needed imo.

You named a situation it is good for but now it will be thrown around less willy nilly than it was before. Before if you came against a 5 man sci team it seemed they had to use there SNB so they would SNB alphas, Betas, GTFOD, or just to SNB that ship.