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01-27-2012, 05:50 PM
Originally Posted by Thuel
I sent my other character some beam arrays via the mail...
im fairly certain i did @Thuel, and sent the items. However its been 2 days
now and they are not in the mail..

do different items take longer to mail or should it be instant like the other items
i have sent to myself.

also i i didnt mail the stuff to someone else as i didnt put "firstname"@"secondname" ...just @Thuel

anyway any help would be great
If you sent the mail to yourself (with the correct spelling) it should have arrived within a few seconds... unless...

Are you a 'Silver' Player? The F2P Matrix says 'Silver' Accounts can only send messages to 'Friends'... it could be that you can't be a friend to yourself... See if you can send yourself mail without attachments, and see if it arrives...