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# 1 Shield Pen in PvP a lil OP
01-27-2012, 05:42 PM
Im a engineering captain and im set to be tanky so that when my team of klingons uncloak they shoot me 1st and my friends can attack them, but it seems i die every time under 5 sec even with my tanky ship. shields are full every time i die but my hull takes the 100% dmg befor 5-7 sec are up. this is what i do....

Ship shields : Dielectric Oscillation Resilient Shields cuz im poor and get most items from replays

as soon as they all target me i turn on Tac team and two shield heal skills that keeps my shielding up rly well and reverse shield polarity II, then i look to my Hull

Hull HP:30,000

by the time i get to the hull i use Auxlity power to hull to heal what dmg they did with there weak 1st attack, they start there 2nd wave attack around the 4 sec mark and they have BO for shield pen and Tac BO skills for other stuff so the 2nd hits way harder.. i use hazard emitters II to help keep the dmg off me and with the buff from Auxiliary power to hull and the hazard emitters i should live but no i die in 3 sec after, my shields hold the entire time with tac going off i turn reverse shield polarity to keep them max i still have 1 shield healing skill but never need it cuz i die when reverse shield polarity is still running, and if im lucky maybe get a enineering team in when it comes off CD but i wish i could last that long.

and idk if anyone helps heal my shield or Hull i dont rly look to busy. all i know is my shields are up and my hull dies in 5-7 sec with two hull buffs and heals.... i know its 5 ppl but full tank should last like 12 sec maybe 15. that way they feel like im too tanky by there 3rd attack round and try to find other targets so they lose there focus fire and my team still has it on them