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01-27-2012, 06:34 PM
I don't really understand your issue.

First off how do you know it's the same guy who has posted 2 at 500k and then 2 at 100k? Even as a buyer you don't know who listed the item you buy, only the seller knows the name of the person who bought it. So how are you sure someone's trying to manipulate the prices by putting up "bait" items? Even if you purchased all items involved as "evidence" you do not get any indication that all the items were listed by the same person.

Second, if 500k is the "market value" of the item, then you're setting yourself up by listing the same item at 95k. If you see things like this why don't you buy the 2 100k items, and relist them at 500k yourself... easy profit of up to 800k right there, plus you screw over the "scammer" if indeed it is the same guy listing all the items (which again you have no way of knowing). This doesn't seem like a smart setup by the proposed "scammer" who lists 2 items at market price and then 2 at well below. The first person to see that will snap them up and the scammer is out 2 valuable items.

If you are having trouble with people "stealing" from your fleet vaults, then you need to perhaps review the withdraw/deposit permissions on your fleet bank slots.

I'm not saying there is no exploitation on the exchange, but I really fail to see where this is a viable scam (nor do I see your proof that it's actually occurring), and I see where it's entirely avoidable on your behalf by simply exercising a little judgement when choosing what prices to post items at. I've made countless millions of EC off the exchange by buying up absurdly low priced items and re-selling them at higher prices. When you search for an item and get a bunch of hits at 750k but then see the first one listed at 25k, wouldn't you pick it up right away?

I'm with Grouchy here. Knowing who is posting items on the exchange is not going to help these situations in any way. At the end of the day, it's still your mistake to either list your item at well below appropriate price, or massively overpay for an item on the exchange.