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Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
My sci toon disagrees with you. I amp the aux all the way on my NEb' and use offensive Boff powers like Tykens Rift II and Gravity Well III to a A LOT of damage, while science team and transfer shield strength/hazard emmitters for support (myself and others), in a team, the science ships are VERY important and given the opportunity , dangerous. I prefer the Nebula or the Trident classes, they do an excellent job, six weapons slots and two tac consoles or not.
Highest gravity well I've managed was around 1,800 per second for 20 seconds, or 36,000 max damage assuming they remain in the center and have no resists, with a one minute cooldown.

Rapid Fire bumps my 3rd DHC up to around 1,500 dps without using other buffs, with a 30 second cooldown, and said cannon is still firing while the skill is on cooldown. Nor does that take into account my extra tac console's effect on overall DPS.

@krisslanza: try running tac team and using it when your shield begins to get low along with an E power to shields at the start of the fight. To keep them in place use either a tractor beam or beam: Target Engines. Worst case go full reverse to keep them under your guns for a few seconds using evasive maneuvers/attack pattern omega if you need to pull of a 360.

Look, I'm not saying Sci vessels are horrible pieces of garbage or that they are not fun or viable. I am simply stating this game is about DPS and sci vessels cannot compete with escorts in that department or even a well built cruiser. I also disagree that the utility they posses makes up for it. I still fly two Sci ships with one of my toons, it just frustrates me that it takes nearly twice as long to do the missions with them compared to if I put her in an escort. The only ability a science ship exclusively has are confuses everything else can be done by other boffs. As far as tanking goes HE 1 or 2 is enough to survive. Need shield stripping, BA: Target Shields. Enemy DPS got you down? BA: Target Weapons or Aecon Beam. Need a disable? Boarding Parties. Need to clear the trash mobs? Scatter Volley + Torp Spread. etc..

It is the way the science ships/powers were designed is flawed. Starting with the lack of passive always active bonuses with the science skills to the consoles that boost them and ending with the lack of scaling on the powers. If I get a better cannon all my tac boff abilities just got stronger, my skills are having a stronger effect etc. Science skill damage, on the other hand, does not scale with any equipment to the same degree nor does anything scale with the skills aside from the boff powers themselves. When I can get a higher damage total out of a rank 1 gravity well in an escort than I can out of a rank 3 in a science ship something IS NOT RIGHT!