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01-28-2012, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by judgemark
thanks for update
i also will use this oppertunitie to expres my disapointment in sto
i have a lifetime sub since open beta before of release of sto almost 2 years ago
i feel sto took 2 steps behind, the new skill system is to simple and took all the fun out of sto
the doff system is a nice minigame but not nearly what was promised a year ago
where is all the new content? where is the playable first officer or android captain?
where is the fleet admiral rank with that amazing gameplay it should have come with that rank?
still no fleet starbase?
i wont comment to f2p or even bother to explain how insulting f2p is for a lifer
a lot of my fleet members told me sto is going down a dark path and i find myself unable anylonger to defend sto or to asure that improvements will come simply because im not sure anymore
5 members deleted there accounts after 2 years and many more did
i hate to say this but cryptic needs to focus on gameplay, content, and everything that was promised
im sorry but i need to post this because im not ready yet to give up on sto
sometimes people forget the reason that the server is kept up and running.