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01-28-2012, 07:45 AM
Captian's Log
Stardate 8103.2 / 8103.12

After the betrayal of my commanding officer durning the breen attack, I have been reluctant to appoint another. After doing some digging I found out that Captian Rodderdan is a Rogue captain with a deadly agenda in mind and that I have orders to bring in him in if he is spotted.
End Log

I have been given orders to partol Camus II by Starfleet, which has not been investigated or partol in nearly 150 years. The most I remember about the planet was that a sciencist try to swap minds with Captian Kirk. After that the planet was largly kept away from. Scientists did go to uncover some old ruins recently and it is now my job to see if everything is going smoothly.
End Log

Two days ago I sent an away team down to the surfuce of the planet and they came back different, changed somehow. I placed them under observation since then and nothing seems to be amist. To me these crewmen were acting almost....Kligon.
End Log

We had an unauthorize transport to the surface and I now realize my fatal error, Kligons have swappwed minds with the away team. if they could have done that to an entire Federation ship, whats to stop them from unleashing devasation on a colony or even earth? I going down to stop them permently before anything else can happen.
End Log

As of two days ago I put Cadmus II under a strict qaurtine that know Federation ship should appoach the system. We lost the whole away team both body and mind. I'm on my way to the Gateway System were Rodderdan is supposely at. This war is gettting bad going on worse everyday.
End Log