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01-28-2012, 07:51 AM
To many shutdowns for "Maintenance" !
This isnt tipically for PWE game
wondering if STO here is really a official game not a private server OR if the server is not old or outdated and now cant handle massive players online ?
PWE shouls do something and get a maintenance or updates only every week IF PWE really cares to manage this game or they only collect the monthly fee now from Cryptic ?
Stop with so many shutdowns
Its SATURDAY ! ppl have some free time available to play !
players might become dissapointed and wont spend a penny into game or moving to another MMO more stable , perhaps a real PWE game

Buy or get a new server from PWE if your is old or solve the engine bugs if you shutdown the server often to "FIX" those bugs.
Like someone said ,

Welcome to Star Trek Offline !