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03-04-2009, 06:43 PM
Alien: Hello, let me introduce myself, My name is Vorna, I am Dakrilian. I come from the planet Zorillius IV, in the Zorillius system of the area of space you call the Gamma Quadrant. We like to think of ourselves as a civilized people, though at times, we may get aggressive. I'm sorry in advance for any sudden outbursts we may make, our people have an slightly hard time controlling our emotions, we attempt to do our best. Up until about two centuries ago, we were an isolationist people, we did not know there were other, people, in space. We have only had the ability of spaceflight for about fifty years, however, we are a scientific people, and have developed in leaps and bounds. Although our ships are not very fast, we are determined explorers, as such, we are constantly developing newer, better, faster technologies. Many of us, fear the risk of conflict, and possible conquest of our world, and our scientists have developed sophisticated shielding and weaponry, as to protect ourselves from possible aggressors. However, when we discovered this wormhole, leading to, an even more unexplored part of the galaxy. We never expected that there would be a structure of sorts, almost on the doorstep of the wormhole. We were glad to find a friendly, face in this hugely vast galaxy. Now, we're here, in Quark's bar, learning much about the galaxy that we have yet to explore for ourselves.

Enough about us... Whats your story?