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01-28-2012, 11:21 AM
Technically, the only real requirement is a remodulator (which you can replicate for free) for the ground missions.

However, it would be nice if you at least had all your bridge officers slotted with maxed-out appropriate skills and at least MK ix white gear in every slot (including fully equipping consoles).

If you can get it, I suggest buying or crafting the aegis set. I also suggest that you complete the mission that gives you the borg console as well as play through all the borg missions and do some red alerts so you get an idea of what fighting the borg is like (remember, STFs are supposed to be end-game content, so complete the Borg story missions first).

If you can, try to get at least some x or xi green gear off the exchange (it is usually fairly cheap) as well as a blue xi shield (also fairly cheap, look for one with [pla]).

Before you attempt elite STFs, it would be nice if you had upgraded all your equipment to pruple XI. You can get gear with the [borg] modifier which is great for STFs simply by redeeming the rare borg salvage.

A full XI omega or maco set is suggested, but not required for elite missions (it could take you up to 120 regular STFs to get one)