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01-28-2012, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
well, i hopped in my engie again for a bit today to see if i was missing something.....because some of the posts here are really getting behind the fact that they feel useless.

i have no idea what you guys are talking about.

it could be that you just do not like flying as an engineering captain. in that case just level another toon.

engineers are not supposed to do the damage of a tac captain. period. what would be the reason of this? they are also not supposed to be able to debuff and crowd control like sci captains can. what would be the point if they did?

engineers get the most out of their ships. their strengths lay in the fact that, no matter what type of ship they fly, its always the toughest compared to any other captain. and this is by far still the case.

im just stunned at the attitude carrying through this thread that everyone should be able to do everything. what would be the point of this? its a multiplayer game that is supposed to encourage teamplay. especially in pvp. you can run through pve in this game with any toon and have no problem. if you want to be an engineer in pvp, focus on your strenghts and build your ship around them.

too bad we cannot name the names on the best pilots in the game here on the forums, but guess what, quite a few of them are engineering toons in cruisers. they quite often lead in damage, kills, and healing all at once. the pandas have a couple great engie/cruiser toons, and they are often the lynchpin of the match.

have fun, keep looking for the build that fits your style, kill bad guys

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