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# 1 not really getting escorts...
01-28-2012, 11:52 AM
For the record I have a level 50 eng that I do really well with,

Been trying to get into a tac officer and fly an escort but I just cant figure the darn thing out. It hits like a wet pillow and blows up if someone looks at it cross-eyed. *shrug* perhaps I am just not cut out to play a tac officer...

Anyways here are the vitals:
got to level 21, starting up on the romulan missions. got the thunderchild variant ship (that point defense console doesn't work BTW) and just keep getting spanked hard in missions. I have a full set of phaser dual cannons in front level 6 and a pair of turrets in the rear, one photon launcher in the front as well.

boff powers are cannon rapid fire 1, tac team 1 x2, scatter volley 2, torpedo spread 2, hazard emitters 1 and 2, emergency power to shields 1 and 2.

specific complaints: the ship is very very easily damaged. the shields are about at tough as tissue paper and the hull is even worse. the turn rate is at least as bad on this ship as on my cruiser (granted I am still filling out powers but they are about what you would expect at level 21...) *shrug* not sure what else to put. like I said I am probably just nto cut out to be an escort pilot...