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01-28-2012, 02:53 PM
Considering the Galaxy-X was from an alternate timeline, arguments that it doesn't align with federation tactical doctrine are somewhat suspect. In any case, I have attempted to use this ship and couldn't really tell what it wanted to be. Doubtless it's powerful, but ponderous, has an interesting BoFF setup for the weapons and tactics it proposes to employ, and while it can certainly BE used that way (CRF 1 is a LT skill after all), it isn't optimal.

The ship tanks better than an escort, but not enough to justify its terrible maneuverability. As a KDF cruiser pilot, I am intimately familiar with the cloak-and-cannons offtank style of combat, but there is no compelling reason to choose this ship over the Vor'cha-R, Negh'var, or myriad other available cruisers of similar role. It has an intriguing special weapon, however.

I have no reason to doubt Hakaishin is as proficient in the ship's use as she claims, but one's personal experience has little meaning in the grand scheme of things. I am almost certain you would be better served in another ship. If decloak alpha strikes are your thing, then perhaps it is not the Galaxy-X, but the fact that you have the heart of a klingon.

Addl: Although I'm not sure what you could do to make this ship better without disturbing the balance of things. If the galaxy-X were to turn significantly better while keeping the spinal lance, it'd simply become a superior version of the Vor'cha refit.