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01-28-2012, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by NovaFury View Post
Intriguing, and I understand where you're coming from. Hm, an escort? Not quite, maybe the defiant-R with it's cloaking device, but you'd enjoy the Vor'cha refit righteously. Perhaps too much that the game felt 'easy' again. It's times like these that I wish more feds on the other side of my crosshairs had problem-solving outlooks like yours.

it's a very unique outlook though, and kudos for finding a niche for such a ship. I still hold the design in contempt though, simply from a fleet role point of view.
Most will, even after my videos. Even I do from time to time, if only because I know how easily I could crush enemies that sometimes give me trouble in this ship.

I don't play a game for ease of victory however.

I enjoy the sport of PvP, and the depth of naval combat.

It's fun to use the Galaxy-X in this fashion, for me. I derive even greater satisfaction when enemies PM me following a match just to flame me that I use such an "awful" ship, but I outranked them in the match in both DPS and Healing, got twice as many kills, and half of those kills were done in 3-4 seconds from the time I decloak to the time the enemy dies.

Angering the children who scoff me enough to rage quit is enough to provide countless moments of entertainment.