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# 1 Game server disconnect only
01-28-2012, 03:42 PM
Okay, this one is kind of annoying and just started happening to me. I loaded up the game and went to explore the Hiromi Cluster and everything was smooth as usual with the game. I scan a few anomalies and then explore a system. I complete the mission on the planet's surface (adjusting some old devices that are emitting radiation poisoning the pre-warp culture that lives there). As soon as I complete that mission, the server stopped responding. After 20 seconds, it disconnects me.

Okay, so I log back in, and it all loads up just fine, I'm right where I was, except that as soon as it loads, it tells me server not responding. 20 seconds go by and disconnected from game server again.

I closed the game, rebooted my machines and double checked my network equipment. All good. I figure may it's just heavy traffic or something. I log back in with no issues. Game loads up, I go explore another system and as soon as I warp in and my mission objective comes up, it tells me server not responding again. And again, I'm disconnected.

Weird thing is that it's just the game server. Launcher loads up and works fine. Login server works just fine. Forums and website, obviously, are working fine for me. As are all other apps/websites. The game server, however, is not. I'm not sure if it has to do with the mission I'm on, sector I'm in or maybe the route from here to there is a bit wonky/clogged right now. It's annoying though.