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01-28-2012, 06:28 PM
After reading this, I am thinking of going with a BoP on my lv 30 KDF tac. Right now, i have a raptor (that's all Ive played, other then my fed escort). I know the raptor has a bit more hull str, and the BoP (im ignoring the C-store models) has the universal BOFFs and looks better when turning. Can the BoP put out comparable dps to the raptor (for comparative purposes, the BOFF set up is as equal as possible on both, Sci = TSS / HE, ENG = EptS / EptS or RSP, tac is AP Omega, CSV, Tac Team, and maybe Torp spread or Target subsystem).

Weapon set up, aft = all turrets, fore = DHCx3, DBB / TorP

Under these conditions (also, mainly PvE, and normal STFs, maybe PvP at end game), would the raptor pull ahead in dps? I figure the raptor will win with survivability, although i read about the BoP having weaps and eng set to 75, for hit and run tactics.