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01-28-2012, 07:40 PM
Your skill layout doesn't look bad, nor does your weapon layout. Is everything you have MK VI at this point? Also might want to try a quantum instead of the photon.

In any case, I've leveled up all the classes in all the ships, and I have a MUCH worse off time with Cruisers and Sci ships at lower levels than with Escorts. Mostly cause they don't kill things fast enough!

How are you flying the Escort? Are you keeping your nose pointed at said target and pounding your hotbar to keep your weapon skills active along with those two tac teams and EPTS skills? Or are you spending a lot of time not facing the enemy?

Against ships like the Romulan Warbirds and such, just face up with them and fire away until they are dead. Try not to pull every ship in the sector, take on just one group at a time.