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01-28-2012, 08:58 PM
I understand the strengths of the science vessel and the tools they have. In PvP I will admit a lack of knowledge but I'm looking at it completely from a PvE perspective.

In STFs I run an Intrepid with 5 polaron beam arrays and 1 chrono torpedo laucher(emergency hold with High Yield). I have two boffs I swap out depending on the role I need to fill, either tekkon's rift 3 and energy siphon or gravity well 3 with scramble sensors 2 (other skills are standard). Against the big mobs I typically shred shield power to the point where they are down for a bit, but other than the tac cube in Infected(?) that does not help complete the optional. The gravity well / scramble combo is powerful, but not as powerful as scatter volley + torpedo spread is against the clustered enemies which just strait up kills them. Now if my group isn't very good I have a very hard time picking up the slack. On the other hand both my eng/cruiser captain and my tac/escort captain can pick up the slack from a bad group to pour out the damage needed to win. I'm not that great and my cruiser can solo one side/cube of the cure in about 5-6 minutes, and in KA about 10 minutes, escort is even faster. This is not me bragging at all, its just the way it is for me. When I fly my dailies the difference in killing ability is even greater.

Perhaps by design Sci ships are not meant to be powerful in PvE, or non Elite PvE, ie a blunt instrument. Perhaps I'm using terrible ships/builds and I would love to hear what works well for you guys (in PvE) so I can give it a try.