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01-28-2012, 09:37 PM
Allow me to pose a different comparison. Name very skill in the skill tree that are situational in use, meaning they are not passive bonuses that are always 'on'. Stealth, Attack Patterns, Batteries, and Driver Coil, oh and nearly the entire science branch.

Now, name every boff ability that deals damage yet does not scale with equipment. Eject Warp Plasma, Directed Energy Modulation, Aceton Beam, and all science damage abilities.

When you use beam overload its damage scales with your weapons, skills, and consoles. And on that note the above engineering skills need scaling as well. This will only be exaggerated if/when the level cap is raised.

The damage of these abilities needs to scale with equipment. Obviously scaling all of the effects would be a bad idea, a 5 second disable is a 5 second disable regardless of level, but the damage does. That is my only issue.