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So I reached the part where it's an epic battle with the enemy having a Romulan doomsday machine. To my dismay, my entire fleet was wiped out from a giant ray beam of death and I was left alone to fight against that...thing. In a few seconds I exploded with little effort from the enemy of course.

Now the thing is, after sending my ship to its death a couple of times, no reinforcements came. I was told that there were fleet reinforcements whenever they got wiped out, but for some reason I haven't seen them. I tried restarting the game and leaving/re-entering the system. Nothing works, it's just me against this giant death machine.

I guess my only option at this point is to try to get a high level to help me out against this impossible crap, but this is one hell of a bug for me. Any other suggestions to try to fix it?

EDIT: The issue was fixed when I formed a team with someone and we warped back in. The battle actually reseted and we managed to take down all the Romulan ships, thus completing the mission. So I guess this post is more of just being informative (maybe) instead of asking for help at this point.