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01-29-2012, 01:49 AM
Originally Posted by aashenfox
This is star trek online. Canon is always on topic when it comes to ship discussion. Especially when it comes to voyager, which is the subject of so much suspension of disbelief, it's hard to keep it in the realms of realistic possibility sometimes.
I'm talking about a gameplay mechanic. You're bickering about the name of the alloy. Again, not on topic.

Originally Posted by aashenfox
This is one of those times, and one of the reasons the devs gave it a short cooldown. In the game it would be too OP for hit n run scenarios.
Not really. A shield-stripping torpedo boat looks good on paper, but at the same time, it's limited to a single target, and needs to have the build completely centered around it. Even then, the only way to maximize its efficiency would be to use rapid-fire Transphasic torpedoes because they ignore global cooldowns. In PvE? Good. In PvP? Death sentence. Tachyon Beam has been nerfed hard, the damage output of Transphasic torpedoes is too low, and the shield-draining effects are too constrained.

Let's recap:

The armor removes the user's shields, cripples the user's offensive capability by removing the use of beam arrays and turrets, and has a hard counter in the form of Target Auxiliary Subsystems. If someone uses that and hits you with one phaser beam, the armor is disabled. And even if it's still up, you still have no shields. Between high-yield Tricobalt warheads being capable of 51,000 damage without a critical hit and the damage output of the average Escort player, taking an armored ship out wouldn't really be that big of a challenge. Especially in groups.

The Ablative Generator console is nowhere near overpowered enough to warrant the 15-second timer. If the damage resistance scaled with auxiliary power, yeah, that would be cause for concern, but there aren't enough pros to the console's ability to hit it with such a stupid handicap.