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01-29-2012, 04:56 AM
It's the Thaleron pulse. It's absolute murder normally. To the point that it was actually a centerpiece of Khitomer Accord's final boss fight. As to it wiping out the entire fleet in one fell swoop? It's supposed to be capable of that, though the last time I ran this I was actually surprised by how little use it got, I think it fired off once or twice.

Anyway, in the future if an instance like this gets completely borked for you, just leave it for about 15 minutes. That should be enough time for the instance to reset, and any instance specific bug should be cleared. Note that that's 15 minutes real time, so you can get off line and do something, or go someplace else for a bit, clear out your inventory, whatever. IIRC it actually clears and resets in 10 minutes, but if you screw it up and come in at 9:59, it will reset the whole thing, forcing you to wait another 10 minutes.

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In a random pedantic bit (and assuming English isn't your native language): with "reset" there is no conjugation, any tense needs to be carried on a pronoun, ie: "was reset" or "will be reset". If English is your native language, never mind me.