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01-29-2012, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by Shayde View Post
This is what I want. Being able to refit older styles and give them more power. When I bought this game I wanted a refit Enterprise and a defiant. Had to leave the connie behind, but as an Admiral, I want to be able to use them.

Pay to add more hull, more weapons hardpoints, more crew stations. It fits Canon, since Riker refit the 1701-D with another nacelle and a giant gun. Janeway refit the Voyager with the borg tech.

If they don't want to create a system, just allow us to re-skin the admiral level ships to look like any other. We don't go by visual ID on ships, it says what class they are when we target them. All you'd have to do is say "Refit" before the class in the descriptor, and you'll know it isn't just a lower-tier ship.

I so agree with that I bought the game when first released quick cause of bugs and am now back in the game but I'm really not getting the ships that I want