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# 1 Odyssey BRIDGE Feedback
01-29-2012, 06:11 AM
I assume the main thread was really intended for a balance/systems/combat feedback although I will echo what's been said there that the bridge just plain feels too big.

I understand you've been down an environmental artist and just pulled tumerboy onto the team. And while I would love it if the Perpetual bridge got finished, well...

If you have to use an existing bridge as a starting point, I'd suggest using one of the Prometheus bridges. Outside of the TOS bridges, it's one of the ones that has a nice feel in terms of its scale.

It also has features common to most Enterprise bridges in the past and, if memory serves, was a redress of the Excelsior bridge.

If all you have time for is a few texture and console/chair swaps, the Prometheus bridge is going to be the biggest crowd pleaser as a basis for the 1701-F bridge.

Maybe give it a grey carpeted look with some color highlights to echo the Galaxy and Defiant bridges. I'd look at using Sovereign style chairs and consoles. Replace the MSDs with images of the Odyssey. Insert a tactical station behind the Captain's chair and take out or modify the Captain'splatform to accomodate the first officer and advisor's chair. Maybe replace the blocky TOS-style railing with something sleeker. You could always make the struts pop and make the whole bridge echo TNG Enterprises by taking the paneling in a more earthy/woodtone direction, maybe with some accent color on the pillars or struts.

But the base model of the Prometheus is the best basic bridge currently in game. If you want to start somewhere with a new bridge, that will be the crowd pleaser.

Here's a video review of the Prometheus bridge I found on Youtube for reference: