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01-29-2012, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
I wish Ilum's battlefield had similar reset mechanics to STO's Otha.

It's primetime on a West Coast server and I saw no Republic (granted, the exploit and server imbalance forced many Republic into Warzone-only PvP).
I don't think they can even offer a "server transfer" to balance the PvP servers. I made toons on both sides on more than one PvP server. And the population numbers on the respective fleets are at the minimum 2 Empire for every 1 Republic. A few servers had more than that 2 to 1 ratio. Now that's not a 100% true indication but it does show an imbalance.

If STO had a full KDF content at launch that started at level 1, it would have probably happened here too a larger KDF player base. But them launching it with zero content and being as they said a "PvP only faction" stopped that plus caused people to leave this game.

And the future doesn't look bright for a Romulan faction. Cryptic is now just a C-Store producer. They spend all their creative energies on things to put in the store to nickel and dime the players. Which is sad because this IP has more possible factions than Star Wars. And the politics of Star Trek is more flushed out than Star Wars. SW is one side vs the other. ST had Feds, Klings, Romulans just from TOS alone. TNG and later gave us even more.