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01-29-2012, 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by krtr
It's probably going to be content they've already done before launch, but pushed back to give them something to brag about later on.
Why do I say that? Because the current released content is not suited for a game which was for so many years in development.
And probably will cost money.
Agreed. Moreover, you CANNOT compare SWTOR and STO. You simply can't...

SWTOR had a development budget of 150-200 million dollars. Bioware has ~800 employees.

Cryptic has ~200-100 employees and nowhere near as much financial resources at their disposal.

Comparing Cryptic with Bioware or SWTOR with STO for that matter is neither sensible nor fair.

If you wanna play a gigantic game by a titanic developer company with 100s of millions of dollars available for their projetcs, then go ahead, play SWTOR or WoW. I for my part know, why I stopped playing such games.