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01-29-2012, 09:53 AM
The build does not look all that bad. I might switch the CSV 2 and to CSV 1 and the the CRF to level 2. For your science powers use HE 1 and TSS 2 . Make sure that your are continually chaining the 2 copies of EP2S as well as the distribute shields. It is very helpful to use keybinds to bind these commands to your fire buttons.

For ship power levels make sure that you have full power to weapons, leave your AUX at 25 and then find the balance for shields and engines that suites you best. Look for some Covariant [CAP]x2 or better shields. All of your tactical consoles should be the phaser ones. Engineering ones should be a mixture of armor and the EPS Flow Regulator to switch from the attack power preset to the Defensive when necessary. The whole idea of an escort is to load all your buffs to get enough spike damage to drop a shield facing and then to launch your torps.

Also think about some of the attack pattern abilities as well as SCI Team. Omega is nice to break tractor beams and SCI Team can negate a lot of Science powers that the Romulans like to use. How are you dying? Is it the same way every time?