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01-29-2012, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post

I find it odd that the EliteSTF and Doffjob and my fleet channels all lit up with people saying they got booted. That's a relatively unusual incident, I'd think 10% there'd have been a fair amount of people in those three channels saying they didn't get booted, but there weren't.
not specifically. if all the people currently online in those channels were all in roughly the same location, they could all have gotten hit by it. since we Really dont know what geographic area gets routed through the part of the hardware path failed, its possible, but rather highly unlikely that all the people in those channels got booted.

its also possible that the people who didnt get booted didnt say anything one way or the other if they got affected, which would skew your results of nearly everyone in those channels got booted.

the latter of the two explanations seems to be the most likely since unless they are actually participating in those channels, they might not have them turned on or in seperate tabs they only check when they need to (minus the fleet one)