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01-29-2012, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by Delsaber View Post
It might be more accurate to say that PSO2 has a "boob gyro".

lol Japan. Still totally looking forward to PSO2, mind you. I loved the Dreamcast original and PSU was such a disappointment. It looks like Sega's finally back on the right track with this one, boob customization and all.

...of course, it wouldn't kill them to give Phantasy Star V a shot, either. DO YOU HEAR ME, SEGA? >=(
The fact that PSO2 PC is Japan only make me rage hard. Sega might just hear you if you yell a little louder >D

Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
I have to agree with Blackavaar on this. Personally, I think that STOs Character Creation Screen is superior to any other mmo Character Creator i've come across (Keeping in mind this is coming from someone who: a) stopped playing WoW after a single day on the trial, and b) who's only ever subscribe to 2 MMOs: Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic (I've stopped playing SW:TOR for now mainly because of the terrible customization control that i've only encountered in one other MMO (*cough*WoW*cough*) and the fairly repetitve gameplay)).

Back on topic, I couldn't really see STOs character creation being anything other than what it is without it seeming like a step down in my eyes to what it is currently.
Can you tell us why the STO character creation is so superior to other games in it's current form? The character creation menus look extremely dated, almost as if they're from the early 90's. Everything is in block list form. Why not condense the menu's into sub menu's so it doesn't look so messy?

Question Ryan. Did you read the entire thread? If so, do you still feel the character customization should stay the same way?

Edit: Also, what do you feel about adding more options for eye customization? What about adding in new hair tech?