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01-29-2012, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by Tenkari
not specifically. if all the people currently online in those channels were all in roughly the same location, they could all have gotten hit by it. since we Really dont know what geographic area gets routed through the part of the hardware path failed, its possible, but rather highly unlikely that all the people in those channels got booted.

Also, it's possible for two people who live next door to each other to take different paths, depending on their choice in ISP, peering arrangements and load sharing, and so on.

For folks who haven't worked with network routing...well, have you ever seen a Pachinko machine? You can launch two balls, one after the other, that drop in the same spot. Both will, most likely, take two different paths down to the bottom despite this.

That's what packets on the Internet do. I mean, the example is oversimplified, but essentially correct. Which is why it's tough to find patterns after the fact without specific information from the routers along the way, etc.