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01-29-2012, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by Capt_Dracon_Darknight View Post
Well two things I'm concerned about:
The Ensign universal should imho be a Lt Universal, with an Ensign Tac station.
But well I can't get everything I want.

well since this bridge is probably not a placeholder but the ships actual bridge, some feedback to it.
(I got this assumption by the Engineering consoles next to the turbolift doors depicting the Odyssey, so sorry if I'm wrong)

About the Bridge:

+ First officer seat
+ Counselor seat
+ Ceiling window

- too big
- Counselor and first officer seats don't have consoles next to them
- blue Lcars
- seats

ad ceiling window:
Finally a ceiling window! great!

Too big:
I understand that you want to show that this ship is huge. but people were already complaining about the other bridges being too big. It is not even the bridges height that bothers me but its radius.
The captain would really have to shout to reach some of his officer's ears.
The radius says 'starbase' to me, not 'huge ship' .
Maybe something in the size of those old t5 bridges would be more appropriate

Counselor and first officer with no consoles:
Well both of them should get a console to their left or right or a movable one like they had on the enterprise E
I also don't particularly like the captain consoles, but those are tied to the seat problem.

Honestly, aside from the chairs and radius the bridge doesn't look that bad, but this blue atmosphere is, with one word, tiring. Iím not joking here. Blue wherever I look.
blue is a pretty calming color, and together with the low amount of (cold BLUE) light it will probably make people tired.
Another thing is that people have already asked you guys several times to add proper yellow LCARS, what you even did on some maps. So I don't know why its back now.
But please. If you don't fix anything else - please change make the room brighter, and please not brighter cold-blue, but a friendlier tone. (Maybe a warm-white tone?)

Might be personal preference, but I really dislike these chairs.
I would like to see the chairs from the Sovereign bridge added there instead of the current ones; Another Issue connected to the chairs is that some BOFFs are sitting in the air, while another boff stands where he could take one of these (many) empty chairs.
Quoting myself from the other thread...
And i'll say it again: Please. if you don't do anything else... do somethig about this tiring environment... (Specifically light color + LCARS; tooo much blue!)