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01-29-2012, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by Mandrake45
Can't login to check but I'm pretty sure he's a she.
Yes, it's a she

Originally Posted by Mandrake45
Going rate on the exchange was 50m last I looked which is better than 100m but I guess doesn't help if you have a 1m budget. The only other way to get her is from doff recruitment packs and hope you get lucky. I
Yeah, I've seen multiple seel at 50-60mil, but not so much at 100mil... I'm sure that seller will drop the price down eventually... but not to 1mil (and if they did, I'd be buying that to, just to resell at 50mil )

Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
Just for kicks, how much would you hypothetically be selling this Doff for?

All hypothetical of course...

Seriously, I dont recommend spending real cash with other players, it breaks so many rules and hard to do anything if you get screwed over... if your going to do that, might as well buy Cryptic points, buy DOff packs, and sell them on exchange. Those sell for 2-3mil each. At $2.75 a pack, you can probably afford the 50-60mil price after about $50-$70.

Also, there are ways to get EC... do the colonial chains, collect Refugess, do Asylum missions, sell the blue/purples you get. Blues go from 700k-5mil typically, and purples generally 10mil or higher. Doing the race every time it's up can generate some fast EC as well.