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01-29-2012, 11:00 AM
For leveling just get the console that boosts all energy damage once you get to the highest level though make sure all your weapons are the same type and get the console that boosts that type of damage. For sci get bio function monitor and for eng try to get the stuff alloy one and maybe the weapon power? but defiantly get the RCS.

Also heres a link to all consoles in game
At the bottom you can change to different consoles.

Emergency power to weapons is good , get two of those so you can run them all the time. After that Beam fire at will is great. Get beam overload too for hull damage. For sci and eng get things that heal your hull / shields ( focus on hull heals but don't neglect shields ).

NOTE: The above is just the most optimal don't go out of your way to get different consoles but defiently train your boffs in the appropriate skills at the skill trainer.

Let me give you a sample load out:

Corsair Flight Deck cruiser

Eng: Emergency power to weapons I x 2 , Direceted energy modulation I , Reverse sheild polarity 1 , Direceted energy modulation I , Auxiliary to structural integrity II or III.

Sci: Tractor beam 1 , Transfer shield strength 1 , hazard emmitters 2 ( switch tractor with w/e you want )

Tac: Target Shield subsystems 1, beam array Fire at will 2 ( switch TSS with Beam overload if you prefer )
( USe different tac skills if you run cannons , Cannon rapid fire etc. )

Eng: RCS , Alloy , Alloy
Tac: All energy damage consoles
Sci:Bio function , Bio function