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01-29-2012, 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by ivarST
Of course STO´s char creation is dated. It has been virtually copied over from their superhero game.

And yes, EVE Online´s creator is currently the best one in the industry.
But that´s no wonder as it represents about two thirds of the development resources for their "failed" Incarna expansion. By a team that´s about double (triple?) the size of Cryptic´s WHOLE STO team of about 30ish peeps!

And yeah, the current slider-rama is plain ugly and could use a streamlining of at least the slider orgy.

But that one dev could also help make actual new missions or fix more important issues.
I vote for more content and fixed ships/gameplay instead of removing sliders and putting "boxes" in their place.
Keep in mind that the purpose of the thread is not to say necessarily that we want this now now now. I think thread the purpose of this thread is more along the lines of saying that we'd like the character customization to look like this eventually.