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01-29-2012, 11:55 AM
Originally Posted by NoHopeForSome View Post
It looks like garbage. STO doesn't need to change the creation menus.
How so? To which game are you referring to when you say it looks like garbage?

Edit: And, it's not a question of need. It is more a question of should. Simplifying and modernizing the character customization menu will help improve every new player's game-play experience; therefore, Cryptic should do it. Sometimes, the common good is more important than our individual needs. Just because you think it's ugly doesn't mean the majority of the F2P will think the same. Also, why do you think that games like APB, Phantasy star, and Eve have adopted those kinds of character customization interfaces? Don't you think it's because they did a lot of research and determined that the majority of players prefer that model?

Edit: One last thing. Do you think it's odd how whenever somebody mentions STO, they never mention character customization? That's because it's extremely dated and unremarkable. However, if in the long-run Cryptic worked towards improving it as I and many others in here have suggested, it will certainly be something to mention when we talk about STO. Imagine yourself saying, "Hey, heard about that Star-Trek MMO? It's got some super cool customization options, and the interface is really smooth."