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01-29-2012, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by Englebert
About the only thing STO's customization is missing a nose tip adjustment. To make it fuller and rounder or make a hook nose. The reason so many humanoids look alike is because of the nose in my opinion.

I wish we could make bridge officers with the character creator. Where we could choose their traits and race. To many bridge officers come with useless traits like creative, that modify kits they can't use. Not enough have space traits.
Hmm, maybe this could be introduced with some sort of genetic wars FE series? Once you get to, lets say, level 25, you can start doing this FE series. As a reward for completing it, you'll get the ability to genetically engineer BO's on your ship. I like the sound of your idea . I know genetic engineering is banned in the Federation, but nobody has to know right? Maybe make it a section 31 mission?