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01-29-2012, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by TheBatguy
I guess this is the right thread in the forum to ask this. I got the big cat cub, and the Gekli pets, as well as the TOS bundle with the special phaser.What I want to know is if I delete any from my inventory is there any way of getting them back if I want it?I had to move them to my bank because I was running out of room and I was also afraid that if I discarded them I couldnt get them back.
It depends on if you purchased an account wide unlock from the C-Store (which will show in your legacy unlocks tab) that can be reclaimed or if you have a per character unlock, which if you delete, is gone...

As an example, if you got that Gekli pet from a Q's Winter Event Gift package, then that is a character unlock, and if you delete it, its gone...

The TOS Bundle should be in your 'Legacy Unlock' tab on the C-Store, and can in fact be claimed multiple times for multiple copies of that Type II Phaser pistol...