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01-29-2012, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by Mailman653 View Post
Those ship holo-emitters are snazzy.
Beat me to it. I knew this would be the very first reply though hehe.

According to the STO Wiki, the timer on the holo-emitters will reset if you zone with the emitter deactivated. So as long as you don't use your emitter for >15 contiguous minutes, you can use it indefinitely. Don't know if that is a bug or by design... but it certainly is a total waste of GPL to spend 50,000+ on a 15-minute gimmick. At least in its "bugged" state the item lasts "forever".

As to the uselessness of GPL, I think the problem is that there are simply too many forms of currency in the game, despite their work to reverse that with the "new dilithium economy". We still have things like EDC/RBS, etc. that are only used for a few things, there is unreplicatable materials for crafting, etc. Basically there are only so many currencies that are needed to serve the needs of an economy, and since they have to tie dilithium into as many things as possible in order to remain solvent, GPL is just the one that gets left out.