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01-29-2012, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
It's not about the bridge that we're getting or not getting -- although I think ship interiors deserve a whole season devoted to revamping them. It's about what the bridge of the Enterprise-F looks like and if this is supposed to be it.
As a buyer of bridge packs, I emphatically agree that interiors could use a massive revamp.

That said, the generic bridge does not have to be indicative of the actual Enterprise's bridge. As far as I know no other Galaxy class shared the D's bridge.

Maybe someone with screen capping magic can find them, but what little we saw of the Yamato and Odyssey's bridges were likely different. And, thanks to TV budgets, likely crapier than Enterprise's.

At least it's a half step forward. Excelsior and Nebula don't have a bridge that shows the correct MSD. And if you notice in the ship description, the class is listed as "Odyssey Star Cruiser," so it would make sense on a certain level that the default would be a Star Cruiser variant.

But if they do make a more pretty better, I'll probably end up getting that too.