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01-29-2012, 10:25 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
I disagree with several points, but trying to debate them openly would be walls of text of my own and I'm tired.

Rather I'll just reference my thread and points I've made. Most are already familiar with it enough to know what I'm talking about.

Still, interesting ideas and you do have some solid points imho. But... there are points that I can call out as either false, or missing vital notes.
I know your build and personally i tried it too, it does have the highest burst possible for a DN w/o a doubt and it serve it's purpose well. But for me I am more of a steady dps guy (you can tell, i bring that up a lot in my post), if i go for the big 50k(or even more if you lucky) trico, I have to spend quite some points into the torp. skills. The way i look at it is for torp build i can get a 50k hit every min (not considering factor like crit, Duty office skill proc etc.), that result of a 800-900 dps, on the other hands swaping the torp with a cannon, i do roughly the same dps w/o sacrificing valueable skill points. I think at the end, it just all come down to which way people prefer, steady dps or burst.

I kinda write everything on top of my head, so sorry if i don't go into detail or providing notes. Hell, I am even too lazy to edit all the typo. But I am definitly up for dicussion and if you want to point out false, please feel free, learning from mistake is what make us better and better anway.